Worst Dressed Local TV News Personality

And the winner is (drum roll) Wesla Wong, a traffic and weather reporter for Global BC. What happened to the days when TV reporters and anchors wore suits and looked professional? Is that too much to ask? While Wesla does an adequate job of pointing to traffic jams and cloud formations, her clothes are atrocious! Don’t they have people behind the scenes to help them with hair, makeup, attire etc..? I always imagined that Global has enough money to have a stylist on staff (or at least on contract). But clearly I was wrong. For example, this morning she was wearing a big, loose, plaid, short-sleeved moo moo with black pants (you remember moo moos from the 70s right?). What was she thinking? Then there’s my least favourite sweater – an ill-fitting bubble knit with a humongous cowl neck almost half the size of her body. The sweater is a disgusting green colour, half way between forest green and vomit green. For God sake Wesla get some help and stop dressing yourself! After all we’re the ones that have to look at you everyday.



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10 responses to “Worst Dressed Local TV News Personality

  1. Rob

    Good Blog. Very Funny. I was watching her this morning and she looked like the yelllow submarine.

  2. Sandy

    Never mind Wesla what is with Lynn Collier, her hair needs some serious help. What is with the red and black vest that looks like my grandma’s curtains. It is so nasty.

  3. Sandy

    Go Global!!!!!!!!!

  4. jc

    wesla wong is the not only the worst dressed, but simply the worst traffic girl in history, she rarely gets her mouth working properly,and all she does is clone reena heer ,she tries to.fake,fake,fake,
    worst person on television?

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  6. Lorraine Howatt

    Saw Lynne Collier this morning. You are right, her hair is about the worst going! Lynne, get it Cut and styled for all our sakes. We have to look at it.

    Lorraine Howatt

  7. Paul V

    My GF and I have for some time felt that Wesla NEEDS a stylist. Her heels are to big, her clothing seems to be one or two sizes to small, the hair, I could go on. She comes across as un-professional with her fashion choices. Regarding her communication skills, she seems to lack a ‘flow’ that one would expect from a television personality. She constantly stammers, often using terms such “and a” in delivering her reports. The way she carries herself is far to distracting.

  8. I’d rather look at Lynn’s hair than Wesla’s greasy mop, for heavens sake Global, do the producers not watch the show. Not trying to put anyone out of a job, but seriously, when is Kristi Gordon coming back. None of my friends or family likes Wesla either. We are the public, and does what we want not matter? You guys need to be more professional, also Katlin, why do you keep your arms up so high, it looks weird. I love Deb Hope too, but hopefully she has thrown away those leggings. When you are on camera full body showing, they are NOT flattering. We watch Global for our news and weather and we like it for the most part, but try to smarten up please.

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