One Way to Get Over Writer’s Block

I’ve been working on the same feature magazine article on and off for over a month and a half now. For me that’s a long time. Usually inspiration hits me and I write. For some reason this time it just didn’t work that way. So today I was going to get over my writer’s block. I’m happy to say that I did it – the first draft of my article is  now complete.

How did I do it? Just sit down and write. It sounds easy enough, but you’d be surprised how much will power it takes. Usually on a Sunday I’m busy doing chores, grocery shopping, out having brunch or spending time with friends and family. Not today. If you want to get over writer’s block the first thing you need to try is to lock yourself at home (regardless of the weather!), clear everyone out of your space and just start typing.

Remove all distractions – that means no TV, no music, no sitting on your deck drinking lemonade and watching the sunset (although that’s what I’d rather be doing). Just sit in your study quietly and let the words come to you. Without the silence and lack of outside interference your mind will not squeeze out the necessary verbal juice.



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