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The Most Important Business Lesson I Learned From My Father

My father and I have a tumultuous relationship to put it mildly. From a young age I remember we would sit together in the living room watching the evening news. Then over dinner we would discuss it. We never agreed on anything (and still don’t!). My poor mother would sit between us and try to stop us from arguing. You see we are both stubborn to a fault and never back down from a challenge.  As I got older I had the rare opportunity to go to work with him and watch him in his office. Now I realize how priceless that was.

He taught me a crucial business lesson that has stayed with me till today. Never give up. I have seen my father go through so much over the years, but he has never given up. What ever the challenge or difficulty, no matter how overwhelming the odds, he will overcome them. He never feels sorry for himself or blames anyone else. His faith, tenacity and strength of character see him through. Now that I’m a successful Executive Speech Coach and Keynote Speaker myself I appreciate that even more. I owe so much of my success to him and to what I learned in those formative years.

Now when I am faced with an obstacle, difficulty or challenge in my professional life I think ‘What would my father do?’ and that gives me the strength to keep going. Be strong and determined and you will succeed. Never give up on your dreams. Happy Fathers Dad! I love you.




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5 Benefits Of Working With A Partner

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I am a difficult person to work with at the best of times. People don’t work with me because I’m easygoing or a delight to work with (really they don’t!). They work with me because I’m the BEST at what I do. I am brutally honest, opinionated, stubborn and always ready to defend my point of view….just ask my husband!

Recently I had the opportunity to work with my mentor on a new keynote presentation that deals with workplace communication skills. At first I was quite apprehensive. I am more of a lone wolf, than a pack animal. But by the end of the experience I was a person transformed. I learned so much about myself by working with someone else. As a ‘solo-preneur’ it’s something I have really missed out on over the years. Here is some wisdom I gleaned along the way:

  • Our partnership enabled me to see our project from a perspective other than my own.
  • It enabled me to see myself as others see me – warts and all (trust me I have some big, hairy warts – metaphorically speaking of course!).
  • It helped me grow as a person, because I had to trust my partner enough to allow him to disagree with me on a regular basis – not an easy task let me tell you!
  • It gave our clients a more complete and well thought out final product.
  • Last but not least – it gave me some much-needed humility.

Because of our synergy our presentation was a huge success (it actually sold out in just three days!!). I hope that this blog post encourages all the lone wolf freelancers and consultants out there to actively seek out partnerships and encourage contrary opinions. If you want to work with me on a project just drop me a line in the comments section below; the more different you are from me the better!


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