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The Most Important Business Lesson I Learned From My Father

My father and I have a tumultuous relationship to put it mildly. From a young age I remember we would sit together in the living room watching the evening news. Then over dinner we would discuss it. We never agreed on anything (and still don’t!). My poor mother would sit between us and try to stop us from arguing. You see we are both stubborn to a fault and never back down from a challenge.  As I got older I had the rare opportunity to go to work with him and watch him in his office. Now I realize how priceless that was.

He taught me a crucial business lesson that has stayed with me till today. Never give up. I have seen my father go through so much over the years, but he has never given up. What ever the challenge or difficulty, no matter how overwhelming the odds, he will overcome them. He never feels sorry for himself or blames anyone else. His faith, tenacity and strength of character see him through. Now that I’m a successful Executive Speech Coach and Keynote Speaker myself I appreciate that even more. I owe so much of my success to him and to what I learned in those formative years.

Now when I am faced with an obstacle, difficulty or challenge in my professional life I think ‘What would my father do?’ and that gives me the strength to keep going. Be strong and determined and you will succeed. Never give up on your dreams. Happy Fathers Dad! I love you.




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One Way to Get Over Writer’s Block

I’ve been working on the same feature magazine article on and off for over a month and a half now. For me that’s a long time. Usually inspiration hits me and I write. For some reason this time it just didn’t work that way. So today I was going to get over my writer’s block. I’m happy to say that I did it – the first draft of my article is  now complete.

How did I do it? Just sit down and write. It sounds easy enough, but you’d be surprised how much will power it takes. Usually on a Sunday I’m busy doing chores, grocery shopping, out having brunch or spending time with friends and family. Not today. If you want to get over writer’s block the first thing you need to try is to lock yourself at home (regardless of the weather!), clear everyone out of your space and just start typing.

Remove all distractions – that means no TV, no music, no sitting on your deck drinking lemonade and watching the sunset (although that’s what I’d rather be doing). Just sit in your study quietly and let the words come to you. Without the silence and lack of outside interference your mind will not squeeze out the necessary verbal juice.


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Inspiration on Mount Seymour

For days I’ve been contemplating what to share in my first blog post. Nothing came to me. Then this past Sunday I invited my mother-in-law out for lunch (no, I’m not crazy!).  She isn’t a particularly chatty person, so the drive up Mount Seymour was quiet and peaceful, perhaps a little too quiet. Once at the restaurant we requested a window table to enjoy the sunshine (my decision, not hers). We had the most amazing view of Northlands Golf Course.

As I sipped my orange juice and I looked out at the lush green landscape I felt something ignite. I pulled out my journal and frantically started unloading my thoughts and ideas on paper. You see sometimes it’s not just important what you write, but where you write. The prolonged silence and stunning beauty had combined in my psyche to create something special – inspiration! You never know where inspiration will strike, so always take your journal or laptop with you, explore and write.

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